5.6 Guarantee for quantity of healthcare services that can be provided according to staking

Service participant needs to stake LEMC token to guarantee the execution of his/her services. In order to enable collaboration-based healthcare service, it is essential for the associated participants to faithfully execute their respective duties and be responsible for the costs incurred when they failed to fulfill their roles or if problems occur. For this purpose, the participants will stake prescribed quantity of tokens as guaranty deposit in the LEMONCHAIN ecosystem for use as means of compensation in the event of occurrence of problems.

Token staked by each participant contains the significance of guarantee for the services provided and, in order to be granted with larger quantity of service contracts under the LEMONCHAIN ecosystem, token that corresponds to such quantity must be staked. Quantity of tokens that can be staked is computed based on the existing history of the participant and reasons for sincere execution of contact is provided through this.

If the participant wants to provide services in excess of the token staked, it is possible to provide guarantee for the contract through the use of insurance business operator.

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