3. LEMONCHAIN, New Healthcare Data Ecosystem

Existing electronic medical records (EMR) of the medical institutes will be linked and data will be collected through voluntary data donation of patients in order to build up LEMONCHAIN ecosystem with healthcare data of more than a million individuals.

Patients and general public participating in the ecosystem will be acknowledged as the core values in the building up of data and active partnership relationship rather than passive participant will be established. They will participate in the policy design and supervision as the partners in the establishment of ecosystem for seeking of new consent model discussions and user-oriented access format, etc. together.

In addition, by enabling the patients to easily access their medical information and utilize relevant data within the LEMONCHAIN ecosystem, it is possible to reduce the information asymmetry between medical institutes and patients while participation of patient is increased for consumer-led use of medical system. Patients can views and download their own medical and health records, and share them with other medical institutes or family as well as download and manage their medical information in standardized digital format, thereby significantly alleviate the asymmetry of medical information.

When data are donated, such data will be used in big data analysis or utilization after having deleted the name of the donor or contents that could affect the privacy of individuals in order to safely protect the personal information thereof.

Key goals to be accomplished through LEMONCHAIN ecosystem are as follows:

  • Share one’s medical information with family, family doctor, medical specialist and nursing caregiver, etc.

  • Confirm and tract key information including details of drug administered, vaccination and test results.

  • Utilization of one’s medical information at the time of changing doctor or visiting medical specialist

  • Medical examination and treatment by using one’s medical information at the time of emergency

  • Provision of automatic transmission function for medical treatment records (Push Service) and function for regularly scheduled confirmation of patient’s informaiton by a 3rd external medical service providers (Pull Service)

  • It is possible for medical institute to automatically transmit the patient’s medical treatment records in electronic methods including email or healthcare app. etc., and transmission of medical treatment records between medical institutes is also possible.

  • Support data exchange between participants of ecosystem service, support accessing of medical records by the patient, and support exchange of data with insurance payer and transmission of healthcare data to government institutes

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