HBN (Healthcare Blockchain Network)

Blockchain-Based Healthcare Data Hub Protocol

1. HBN(Healthcare Blockchain Network) Introduction

Various requirements are needed to share and manage data amongst medical institutions.

Health data required by multiple participants must have a transparent management system.

This is to track who generated the medical data, how it was transformed, and when it was shared. Furthermore, sensitive personal information should only be accessed by those who have the authorization, and it should guarantee the destruction of information at a certain point.

The existing open source for blockchain technology has difficulty responding to requirements regarding the use of personal information and handling large volumes of data.

LEMONCHAIN HBN technology tracks records of on-chain data’s metadata and records real data on external storage. It provides confidence and transparency for various data types, such as personal information and large volumes of data. The metadata only grants access to authorized participants, including access control data and permission policy.

2. 3 Advantages of HBN (Healthcare Blockchain Network)

1) Transparent Management of Data Lifecycle

The lifecycle of data from the generation phase to the termination phase through the use of on-chain is managed transparently. Requests for data generation, alteration, sharing, and destruction can be granted upon requesting the entity's sign-off as it is recorded on the on-chain revealing a transparent life cycle.

2) Management of Instant Data Authorization

Data that has been transferred to others can be requested to be instantly terminated. This request is recorded on the on-chain and the receiver will record the proof of termination on the on-chain.

3) Hybrid Off-Chain Storage

Various storage can be used as off-chain storage to store real data. Participants may use the system they were using as off-chain storage or use both storage systems to process data efficiently depending on the size and type.

3. Find out how data is transferred using on-chain!

The supplier sends the real data and receiver’s identification value to the network. At this moment, metadata (generator information, time stamp, people to share, etc.) is recorded on the on-chain, and the real data is recorded on the off-chain after encryption.

The consumer can receive the data based on the on-chain information. Data is transferred through Transport Layer Security and is encrypted again as it is saved in Group 2. As the consumer records the signed-off result of the requested data on the on-chain, the transparency of the sharing history is provided.

LEMONCHAIN HBN’s Off-chain Technology

Provides confidence and transparency by handling processes of personal medical data and big data on the existing blockchain that were once considered difficult.

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