5.4 Making payment

Payment that the healthcare service user made is given to the service providers through smart contract. Each providers can request remuneration for the portions of the contribution the provider made towards the overall healthcare services and payments will be made when it is confirmed that there is no problem in the services that he/she provided. If there is not occurrence in the services provided by such service providers, payment is made automatically through the smart contract and the providers will be paid in accordance with the proportion of legal currency/token that they chose in advance.

On the other hand, if problems occur in the services provided, payment will be postponed and will be kept in the LEMC Blockchain temporarily. This postpone payment will be made upon confirmation that there is no abnormality in the status of services that the user was provided with through the finally uploaded information. If problem occurs, compensation will be made through the guarantee deposit (5.6 Guarantee for quantity of healthcare services that can be provided according to staking) and insurance company (5.9.3 Additional business operator).

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