1. Share one’s medical information with family, family doctor, medical specialist and nursing caregiver, etc.

  2. Confirm and tract key information including details of drug administered, vaccination and test results.

  3. Utilization of one’s medical information at the time of changing doctor or visiting medical specialist

  4. Medical examination and treatment by using one’s medical information at the time of emergency

  5. Provision of automatic transmission function for medical treatment records (Push Service) and function for regularly scheduled confirmation of patient’s informaiton by a 3rd external medical service providers (Pull Service)

  6. It is possible for medical institute to automatically transmit the patient’s medical treatment records in electronic methods including email or healthcare app. etc., and transmission of medical treatment records between medical institutes is also possible.

  7. Support data exchange between participants of ecosystem service, support accessing of medical records by the patient, and support exchange of data with insurance payer and transmission of healthcare data to government institutes

LEMONCHAIN, New Healthcare Data Ecosystem

  • High level of authority of data user

  • Rigorous management standards for services participating in ecosystem

  • Disclosure of transparent data management standards

  • Decentralized blockchain ecosystem structure

  • Incentives for wellness

  • Healthcare big data statistics & search service

  • HBN (HealthCare Blockchain Network)

LEMONCHAIN, Metaverse Core

  • Community system

  • Healthcare and medical consultation center customized to individuals

  • Gene NFT exchange

  • Digital Therapy Service Connection Platform

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