3.4 Decentralized Blockchain Ecosystem Structure

It is possible to guarantee the quality of data by using encoding technology without intervention by other people by having the user of LEMONCHAIN ecosystem to save the healthcare data records in appropriately approved blockchain. Service provider uploading data or consumer will engage in transaction. Private key will be provided to the user along with signature and time stamp to access data. It is possible to check all the records stored in the blockchain by using digital signature and complete individual’s health information will be generated. It is possible to safety move data through digital signature and encoding technology, and only those with appropriately private key can access the corresponding data.

When adding data to EMR by using blockchain, log information on the corresponding event is saved, which enables monitoring of all transaction records whenever needed later on since such information cannot be altered. In addition, it is possible to use the latest version records and user can confirm who accessed the records and used data. Since blockchain-based LEMONCHAIN ecosystem has decentralized structure, anyone who is approved can freely participate in the ecosystem without concerns for data reliability and manipulation, etc.

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