10. Miscellaneous (legal issues to be notified, etc.)

Please read and make reference to the following notices prior to participation in token trading:

This notice is applicable to all those reading this white paper and be noted that the contents of this notice can be modified or updated. If you are not sure about your decision making in relation to the LEMONCHAIN project, it is recommended that you seek the advices of other specialists in the areas of law, finance and taxation, etc. Information provided in this white paper and our website are only for the purpose of making reference and are not advices related to the purchase of ‘LEMONCHAIN’. In addition, all transactions including purchasing and sales of ‘LEMONCHAIN’ and decision making thereof must be made under the full responsibility of each interested party.

  1. This white paper is prepared and distributed only for the purpose of making reference in relation to the LEMONCHAIN project, and can be additionally reviewed and revised.

  2. This white paper reflects the latest information with the version indicated as the reference and take note that it is not the final version.

  3. Information contained in this white paper can be modified in accordance with the business operation and financial status of LEMONCHAIN following the publishing of the corresponding version. This white paper can be updated irregularly.

  4. This white paper, under no circumstances whatsoever, must not be interpreted as token sales or purchase proposal by issuing party/distributor/company for the coin or token issued by LEMONCHAIN. Moreover, you must not base or rely on this document at the time of decision making for entering into token purchase contract and investment.

  5. This white paper is not provided as business plan, business seminar or proposal, etc., and must not be interpreted as investment proposal or recruitment including unit of securities business trust or unit of collective investment plan, etc.

  6. Coin or token issued by LEMONCHAIN must not be interpreted, classified and handled as an opportunity to collect investment profit/income/payment/benefits or portions thereof by the purchasers based on this white paper.

  7. All or portion of this white paper cannot be propagated including copying/distribution, etc. within the regions of jurisdiction in which format of coin/token issuance stipulated under this white paper is regulated or prohibited.


  1. Information included in this white paper has not undergone processes of review, inspection, approval and permit, etc. by any competent regulatory authority..

  2. Distributing and disseminating all or portion of this white paper can be prohibited and restricted in accordance with legal or regulation requirements of specific jurisdiction. If restrictions of specific jurisdiction apply, you need to seek and comply with the advices on law, etc. by familiarizing the restrictions that can be applied to having this white paper in your possession on your own, and executive / staff / representative / associated company of LEMONCHAIN shall not take any responsibility thereof.

  3. If you read or have possession of this white paper through distribution and dissemination, you must not share this white paper or its contents with others in the formats of distribution, copying and other methods for any purposes whatsoever provided there is restrictions thereof under specific jurisdiction. Moreover, you must not allow or provide causes that induce situations in which this white paper is shared under such circumstances.

  4. We take no responsibility whatsoever for the errors, delay and omission of token and relevant services, or decision made and actions taken by the purchaser or investor themselves.

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