1. Abstract

With rapid convergence of big data, information communication (ICT) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology along with innovative bio technology in the healthcare area, productivity and efficiency of products and services in each of the stages of healthcare area is increasing. Although provision of support to strengthen patient’s accessibility to personal health information and for services that provide healthcare data and information centered-around large hospitals began in alignment with such trend, allowing of viewing through utilization of wired and wired communication is also limited to ‘viewing of one’s own records or confirmation of contents such as issuance of the copies thereof, etc.’ and is using aged system.

Accordingly, LEMONCHAIN is striving to create open ecosystem for blockchain-based healthcare data and information capable of centralization of medical records and enhance the awareness of the authority of the administrator of patient. LEMONCHAIN ecosystem has a structure that enables distribution of profits among the interested parties by reducing information asymmetry between medical institute and patient by allowing individuals to easily access their own medical information for utilization of data and by establishing system in which consumers (patient, general public) can participate assertively. In addition, we are planning to establish system for seeking of means of reclassification and differentiated regulation (level of non-identification and anonymization, etc.) of healthcare data and information (general information, non-identified information and sensitive information, etc.) by clearly stipulating the definition and range of as well as specifying the standards for allowing of utilization of healthcare data and information, and regular review of the definition and range of sensitive information.

Therefore, this white paper will analyze the current status and problems of ‘exchange and utilization of healthcare data and information’, which is the most important resource and infrastructure of smart healthcare ecosystem, and introduce healthcare blockchain network-based LEMONCHAIN ecosystem.

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