2.4 Mission of LEMONCHAIN team

“Enabling the users to access their electronic health records (EHR) through online and safely exchange all their health information through establishment of healthcare data ecosystem capable of mutual operation”

Individuals healthcare data collected through numerous medical institutes and wearable devices have values as assets of digital health management system. It is possible to provide harmonious medical treatment with individual’s healthcare data managed with a single set of standards even if it is not by the medical institutes and medical staffs that the individuals usually visited. Moreover, if there is data stored in advance, it is possible to complete insurance claim automatically following remote medical treatment, thereby enabling realization of the role of provision of guidelines to the users including recommendation and delivery of menus appropriate for the individual’s data following completion of treatment as well as completion of gene test in prescribed intervals, etc. within the ecosystem.

In order to establish such ecosystem, we are striving to create data ecosystem centered-around the user (including patients and hereinafter referred to as user) capable of protecting the privacy and maximizing the reliability of health information of individuals by developing high-performance blockchain optimized for the distribution and utilization of medical data through utilization of LEMONCHAIN.

LEMONCHAIN ecosystem enables reliable information exchange by achieving decentralization of personal information and conversion into user-oriented lifecycle healthcare ecosystem in the area of healthcare data in order to resolve diversified scientific issues related to healthcare through the ecosystem in short or mid to long-term. Furthermore, ‘enhancement of the authorities of the participants’ will be researched continuously and intensively.

<Scope of Healthcare Data Utilization>

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