5.3 Settlement of account

Process for settlement of account for the costs of services is necessary one contact for the healthcare service is entered into. At this time, subjects of the settlement of account is not limited only to the costs associated with the healthcare service but also include all processes associated with the monetary transaction between the supplier and consumer. Through this process, settlement of account for LEMC token to be issued and used within the LEMONCHAIN ecosystem will be provided along with the credit card and the existing means of settlement of account such as cash for the convenience of the user. Although the use of token is difficult, entry barrier for introduction of token in the actual use will be lowered through collaboration with the existing business operators of settlement of account services such as Naver Pay and Kakao Pay, etc. in order for the users to enjoy the values that LEMONCHAIN ecosystem is providing.

Although the preferences for legal currency and LEMC token differ depending on the participants of LEMONCHAIN ecosystem, there is a need for business operator for settlement of accounts to solve the problem of the difference in the time of entering into contract and he time of the settlement of account (5.9 Additional business operator). Any business operator with verified capability to exchange the legal currency and LEMC token in accordance with the given demand can participate as business operator for settlement of accounts.

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