4.1 1st layer: Data accumulation

Data accumulation layer is the domain in which the core logic of LEMONCHAIN is executed and core data are stored. It is composed of smart contract, data storage (Blockchain, Inter Planetary File System – hereinafter, referred to as IPFS, Hybrid) and miscellaneous service logic. Since healthcare data generated and delivered through the ecosystem are generally delivered after having been encoded through LEMONCHAIN SDK, it is stored in dispersed data storage space that can safely protect data to the extent of preventing those other than the owner from viewing of the actual data contents.

In addition, data with large size or non-main data among the information necessary for service operation are stored separately in the dispersed data storage space. Through this, it is possible to provide convenience in service operation and resolve the issue of speed that blockchain has. For example, medical images, genome data and information with large size and data that are not essential even though they provide supplementary value to services such as sub-medical data can be stored in the dispersed data storage space.

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