2.3 Role of Healthcare Data

Healthcare data are the most important resources in the smart healthcare ecosystem and ‘efficient exchange and utilization of healthcare data and information’ is the most important prerequisite for activation of smart healthcare ecosystem. In particular, it is possible to achieve efficient new drug development and provision of medical services customized to individuals by utilizing healthcare data and information including genetic information, etc.. In addition, the proportion of big data including healthcare data and information among the key future technologies in the area of healthcare is forecasted to be about half.

<Proportion of key future technology in healthcare area>

It is anticipated that big data will increasingly get enlarged with connection of healthcare data and information collected from diversified sensors and mobile devices through internet of things (IoT), etc. Healthcare big data accumulated in this manner are analyzed by AI such as IBM Watson for Oncology for provision of evidence-based customized medical services or utilized in more efficient new drug development, etc.

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