3.1 High level of Authority of Data User

LEMONCHAIN ecosystem is composed of mobile device user, diversified healthcare devices and app, hospital and EMR companies, etc. User has the authority to utilize the data and will decide whether to save, access and transmit to other institute.

If the user measures one’s biodata through healthcare devices and app, they will be saved in and managed by LEMONCHAIN ecosystem. If the user consents, diversified services within the LEMONCHAIN ecosystem will be linked with the EMR of hospital and user’s biodata. Measured healthcare data and information are saved in the mobile devices of the user first before being saved in cloud upon consent by the user. Health data saved in the specific app installed in the user’s mobile devices can also be accessed with the consent of the user. LEMONCHAIN ecosystem adopts [1]Opt-Out format in principle and the format of automatic linkage between hospital system and patient’s data with disclosing of the intent of the patient to refuse the utilization of the data thereafter is also scheduled to be utilized.

[1]Opt-Out: Processing information without prior consent of individuals and stopping the use of information if the subject of information expresses his/her intention to refuse the use of the information afterwards

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